Many of our clients join us in ongoing relationship as members of a Peer-to-Peer Advisory Group

Through WaterCooler, Inc., Bill hamlin chairs Vistage groups at the CEO and Key Executive levels in both Rochester and Syracuse, leveraging world-class speakers, topical experts and business resources across the region.

The Vistage approach, proven over 50 years of continuing success, provides an executive "sand box" environment where Vistage Chief Executive Program members partner with trusted peers to:

    • benefit from the knowledge and experience of other CEOs
    • process issues in a confidential, "think tank" setting
    • clarify and be accountable to personal/professional goals
    • stay current on issues that impact   business   

Similarly, Vistage Key Executive Program members (who report to Business Owners and CEOs) work together to broaden their awareness of corporate management, prepare for greater leadership responsibilities and align with the vocabulary and processes of their Chief Executive sponsors. 


About Vistage

Vistage International is the world's leading organization for the personal and professional development of business owners, company presidents and CEOs.  With a global network of more than 14,000 business leaders, ready to share their knowledge and experience with fellow members. Between 2005 and 2009, Vistage members outpaced the CAGR of non-Vistage companies by 15% (reported by D&B.)

Vistage delivers to its members a unique blend of business resources and personal support to meet the challenge of running and growing a business. Each Vistage group is facilitated by a Chair – a skilled and experienced business professional who ensures that the group functions smoothly. The Chair also meets individually with members to help them explore problems, issues and opportunities in greater depth.