Why Us

"It's lonely at the top" is an old addage, but still rings true.    Why?  Because there are no real peers for CEOs within their  organizations; the nearest peers are often competitors.  Many Business Owners and CEOs admit to a sense of isolation. 

WaterCooler, Inc. is a privately held consultancy that   supports senior executives in various ways that reduce  isolation, enhance their decision making processes and enable them to execute more fully:  

  • Based on his  experiences as a senior exec and a small business owner,  Bill is highly valued as a relatable Executive Coach.  He's asked for help in establishing role clarity, shaping management vision & practices and maintaining accountability.  
  • The community of business leaders that comprise our Vistage Peer-to-Peer Advisory Groups provide high-level insight to eachother, contributing the value of their experience and lessons learned across industries and all phases of business growth.  

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